Organize Your Office, Organize Your Work

Studies have shown that a messy office leads to a messy mind. We start losing our ability to focus or process information. An untidy desk is especially hard on our spirits, as it causes anxiety, guilt and unnecessary stress. This article will help you declutter, and set you up on a path of success and tidiness. Keep in mind that properly decluttering and reorganizing may take a couple hours… or more (depending on your set up and amount of clutter).



Think of the desk as the heart of your office. Anything you keep there should be worthy of the space it’s taking up. Start by purging. Desks tend to collect a rainbow of sticky notes, reminders, and usually a pile or two of papers.


Once you’ve purged, consider raising your computer monitor. This makes sitting in front of your computer easier on your neck because the screen is at eye level. It also gives you extra surface space on your desk.


The space under a desk is often underutilized. If you need extra storing space then filing systems, or office supplies can be stored underneath. While you are down there, take a look at your cables. Many desks end up housing a variety of cords, adding to the clutter. Cable trays and holders are available, you should have no trouble finding something that works with your setup.



Digitizing your files is usually a big project but it will help reduce a lot of paper and clutter. Plus, when you’re done, you’re left with a system to continue digitizing, preventing clutter and old files from piling up again.


Advanced Business Systems is proud to offer M-Files; intelligent information management. Clients have grown to rely on this form of document management, which also allows you to connect to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent. They will feature built-in AI, to automatically categorize and protect your information.



Clutter can be easier to organize and control when there are designated stations in the office. A mail station can help manage incoming and outgoing mail, for example. While a printing station can house paper, ink, staplers and more.



By taking advantage of wall space, you’re maximizing your storage while keeping files and office supplies organized. Choose sturdy shelving and store your most used supplies in the middle where they are easily reached.



Our eyes can focus on, and our brains can register colours much quicker than text. Develop an organizational system with colour coded folders or project jackets. Some businesses take this step further, by using matching-coloured pens on calendars so you can process information more efficiently.





If you take a moment to evaluate your desk and office space once a week, you’ll be saved from having to take on large organizational projects again. It might help to motivate you if you remember that organizing the office isn’t just how your workspace appears to colleagues, or clients. What’s really important is how it makes you feel. Your increased productivity and mental clarity are proof your efforts weren’t wasted.