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Are you changing your toner before the ‘EMPTY’ alert?

Changing the cartridges prematurely not only results in wasted toner and is damaging to the environment, but it also prevents us from operating at our peak efficiency.

As these toner cartridges cannot be recycled unless they are truly empty, it places a strain on the recycling centers and potentially causes the toner itself to pollute our environment. It is vital for our environment and for our community that your cartridges are empty when replaced.

By working together and not changing the toner cartridges before they run out, not only are we helping the environment but it allows us to continue providing you the best support and service for your print devices at a low cost per page rate.

If you have been changing your toner early please do not change any more toner cartridges until you receive the “EMPTY” alert from your print device. For those who have waited until the toner is empty, we thank you!