NEWT Business Phones



Fully Managed Business Phone System

Beyond Telecom


“Beyond Telecom” represents our aspiration to be not just another telecom and Internet service provider,

but rather, a company that is focused solely on the needs of you, the customer. If you need something, your able to get

what you require and more from a team dedicated to service excellence.

Best In-class SERVICE

If you need assistance with a question or planning a move, dedicated business care experts are here to help you.

End-to-End Solution

Provides the most RELIABLE performance in the industry

NEWT’s Business Phone System is a fully managed end-to-end solution. This means:

  • the technology was developed by NEWT
  • it is supported by NEWT and
  • it is deployed across NEWT’s 100% private, nationally regulated CLEC network

No third party involvement, no finger pointing between non-affiliated third party vendors if you need support. NEWT’s fully managed, low risk solution provides the most reliable performance in the industry.

Simple Install, Comprehensive Training and Better Support


NEWT delivers state-of-the-art technology and white glove, business class service. Installation is made simple and completed by a NEWT certified professional so you can focus on your customers. Trainers arrange to be at your business to provide training on all aspects of the NEWT Managed PBX with a focus put on your needs to drive your success. If you require support, NEWT business class service experts are only a call or email away. NEWT customer satisfaction is where we truly go beyond telecom.


For more information on all NEWT and telecommunication products please contact Jack