Hard Drive Decommissioning

Simple, Safe, Secure
You’ve got sensitive information on a hard disk that requires decommissioning. Every day you hear more about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain your private information. If you throw the disk in the dumpster, who knows what might happen to all those credit card and social security numbers. Imagine your liabilities. What should you do?

Advance Business Systems is at the forefront of hard disk decommissioning. By using the handheld hard disk decommissioning device, “The Hammer”, we are capable of purging digital data on up to 4 hard drives simultaneously at speeds up to 4GB/minute – without destroying the drive.

As the emphasis on data security grows, more companies are developing hard drive decommissioning protocols that emphasize both security and environmental responsibility.

Special Features:
• Generates a stored or printed audit trail

• Hard drives may be reused – promoting better eco-stewardship

• Link with USB hubs to manage dozens of drives

• NIST 800-88 / NIST 800-36 compliant

• Portable, stand alone device delivers additional functionality when used with the CPR Toolbox software application (included)

• Verifies data has been removed

• Wipes and clones drives in a single operation

• R.C.M.P. Standard

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