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Businesses are built on the experiences they provide, and every day millions of those experiences are built by Avaya. For over one hundred years, we’ve enabled organizations around the globe to win – by creating intelligent communications experiences for customers and employees. Avaya builds open, converged and innovative solutions to enhance and simplify communications and collaboration – in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both. To grow your business, we’re committed to innovation, partnership, and a relentless focus on what’s next. We’re the technology company you trust to help you deliver Experiences that Matter.

Avaya IP Office is a powerful, yet simple communications solution that allows your business to connect and collaborate in real-time without limitations. Change the way your mobile, distributed workforce collaborates. Deliver an engaging experience for voice, video, and mobility on virtually any device. Simple enough to run on an appliance, powerful enough to support 2,000 users with virtualized software. See below for some of the product Avaya and Advance Business Systems can offer you.

Ayava J Series Phones

Avaya J129 IP Phone

Basic Communications for public or walk-up locations like lobbies, hotel, meeting rooms, student dormitories or retail stations

Avaya J139 IP Phones

For business workers who need only the most popular, frequently-used features

Avaya J169 IP Phone

For Knowledge workers who need a full range of UC Features and a user interface that can be personalized

Avaya J179 IP Phones

For a knowledge workers who need a full range of UC features, including advanced capabilities.


Ayava K Series Phones

Avaya Vantage K155 Device

Simple one-touch conferencing and a familiar keypad-all wrapped in the distinctive Avaya Vantage Design

Avaya Vantage K 165 Device

Multimedia communications on a bright, crystal- clear display -this no camera model is perfect for simple, easy engagement.

Avaya Vantage K175 Device

Multimedia communications on a bright, crystal-clear display. Built for simple, instant engagement great for open offices.



Ayava Conferencing Devices

Avaya B109 Conferencing Device

This Compact and portable personal speaker phone fits inside your briefcase-take it along for easy conferencing anywhere.

Avaya B159 Conferencing Device

Simple and smart productivity features for board rooms and large conference rooms a very versatile solution.

Avaya B179 conferencing Device

Easily extend room coverage with expansion microphones,PA interface, or wireless headsets. Great for any size company

Avaya B189 Conferencing Device

HD quality audio and productivity enhancing communications feature for midsize and large conference rooms.


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